Royal Gardens - Free Motion Quilting designs

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If you like to quilt, but but do not have a computerized quilting system, these designs are for you. They are in PDF format and can be traced on Golden Threads quilting paper that can be placed on the quilt. You can either use adhesive spray or pin the paper to the quilt and then you stitch through the paper by following the lines.

Another method I have read about, but not yet tried is as follows:
Stack a bunch of tracing paper with the traced design on top. Staple the stack together in a few places, remove the thread from the sewing machine needle and then stitch the design through the whole stack. With the holes punched in all the pages you can then use each one as a template and mark the quilt with chalk and a pounce.


Royal Gardens

The designs were specifically created for the beautiful Hanging Gardens quilt, published by They come in both Twin and Queen sizes and can, of course, be used on other quilts too.

The designs are available in downloadable PDF format.
The pattern on how to piece the quilt is available from

Royal Gardens quilt
Twin size
Royal Gardens version 2
Queen size
with larger blocks and outside border
Partial quilting layouts of Royal Gardens
Partial Layout of Quilting

Designs coming soon.

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