SCF-616-MG border and corner (corner not shown here).

SCF-616-MG border and corner (corner not shown here).


2 Specials

This time I have something completely different for you - a fabulous Drunkards Path design, showing 2 different layouts with many other possibilities, all from the same 2 main blocks.

Don’t be scared off by the idea that it involves sewing curved edges together. It really is not that hard and it is well worth the effort. Please read the Drunkard’s Path blog post for more information.

25.00 36.00

Two 10” blocks, plus a border, corner and partial designs. See also layout 2 that uses the same blocks in a different layout.

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Same blocks as before. Just showing a different layout.

The border and corner designs are shown on the New Designs page and are included in the combo. The 4 individual designs are available for $9,00 each.

You can also combine different designs.

D-036 and D-037 combined with D-040 and D-041.

D-036 and D-037 combined with D-040 and D-041.

Below is a picture of the D-040-41 Drunkard’s Path v2 block. It consists of a center and frame that are sold together for $15.00.

D-040-41-Drunkards-Path-v2 and-frame

10” high frame and 7.4” center. Can be mixed with the D-036 and 037 Drunkards Path version 1 designs.

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Useful Information before you begin


You’ve come to the right place, if you are a quilter with a computerized longarm (or midarm) quilting machine. Here, you can choose from lots of digital designs, small, large, simple, or detailed. All at very competitive prices. For even greater savings check out the Combo Collection.

Why Combos?

  • Groups of 3 or more designs that work well together.

  • No guess work matching designs.

  • Discounted prices.

Sample layout (some designs).

Special Requests

If you still don’t see what you need, just send an email and ask me to design something especially for you. More info at the bottom of this page.

Organization of Quilters Niche

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Designs include the following formats:

  • Bernina QMatic - newer design or available upon request if not included

  • CompuQuilter - CQP.

  • DXF - most files or available upon request if not included.

  • Intelliquilter -IQP.

  • Innova AutoPilot - PAT.

  • PC Quilter - TXT.

  • HQ ProStitcher - HQF.

  • QBOT - PLT.

  • Quilt EZ - QCC.

  • Sidesaddle - SSD.

  • Statler - QLI.

  • A PDF or WMF file with an image for your files.

As new quilting systems come on the market their formats are added to new quilting designs. It would be an impossible task to add them to all the existing designs. However, if you need a newer format or a DXF file, send me an email to request it.

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