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Designs to fit specific blocks

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Tranquility Place
Quilt Pattern is available at Cozy Creative Center

 Quilting designs for Tranquility Place

SCF-485 Tranquility Place Layout

SCF-485 Tranquility Place layout

SCF-485a Tranquility Center quilting Design

SCF-485a Tranquility Center

12" x 24" (one repeat)

48" x 48 (complete center)

Price $12.00

SCF-485b Tranquility Border 1 quilting design

SCF-485b Tranquility Border 1

5.*' x 13.47" (one repeat)

Price $9.00

SCF-485c Tranquility Border 2 quilting design

SCF-485c Tranquility Border 2
and Corner

5.7" x 12.3"  (one repeat)
5.7" x 5.7" corner

Price $9.00
SCF-485d Tranquility Border 3

SCF-485d Tranquility Border 3

0.5" x 3.55"

Price $6.00

SCF-485e Tranquility Border 5 quilting design

SCF-485e Tranquilty Border 5
and Corner

2.8" x 1.44" (one repeat)
2.8" x 2.8" corner


Price $9.00

SCF-485aa Tranquility Quarter Block
Repeated 4 times

SCF-485aa Tranquility quarter Block

12" x 12" block
Price $9.00

Royal Gardens

Royal lGardens quilt Royal Gardens quilt 2
Royal Garden partial quilt layout

Royal Gardens
My latest quilt design in two color ways, available from cozyquilt.com. Daniela Stout of cozyquilt.com wrote the instructions and publishes and distributes the pattern
See quilting designs below.

SCF-648 Royal Garden Block

SCF-648 Royal Garden block

15.4" x 15.4 E2E

Includes half block and quarter block

Price: $9.00

SCF-649 Royal Garden Block border

SCF-649 RG Block Border.

8.11" x 8.11"

Price $7.00

SCF-650 Royal Garden Small Block

SCF-650 RG Small Block

6" x 6"
Price $8.00
SCF-651 Royal Garden Outer Border 1

SCF-651 RG Outer Border
(and corner)

2.8" x 1" border
2.8" x 2.8" corner

Price $8.00

SCF-652 RG Border 2 quilting design 

SCF-652 RG Border 2 and corner

0.25 x 3.3" border


SCF-653 Royal Garden Border

SCF-653 RG Border 3 (and corner)

1.3" x 1"

Price $7.00

SCF-648-53 Royal Gardens Combo

6 files (9 designs)

SCF-648 RG Block (and half and quarter block)
SCF-649 RG Block border
SCF-650 RG Small Block
SCF-651 Outer Border (and corner)
SCF-652 RG Border 2
SCF-653 RG Border 3 (and corner)

SCF-648-53 Royal Gardens Combo

6 files

Price: $35.00

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