Useful Information before you begin


Design formats

Designs on this site are digital designs for use with computer-driven long-arm and mid-arm quilting systems in the following formats:

Bernina QMatric - BQM (newer files only but available upon request if not included)
CompuQuilter - CQP (older files only. If not included use the QLI or DXF format)
HQ Prostitcher
IntelliQuilter - IQP
Innova AutoPilot - PAT
PCQuilter -PCQ
Quilt EZ - QCC (newer files only but available upon request if not included)
SideSaddle - SSD
Statler - QLI
A PDF file is also included
If any format is missing, please let me know and I’ll email it.


Combos are groups of 3 or more designs that work well together. They are often offered at reduced prices for a specific time period.

Special Requests

Designs are divided into groups, Just click on “Shop 4 Designs” and choose the group you want to browse.
If you are looking for a specific design and it is not on my website, ask me. I still have a bunch of designs that I have to add to my site. Or I may be able to design it for you.

Design download.

You’ll like the new system. Soon after you place your order you will automatically receive an email with a download link. The link remains active for 24 hours.

Customer Accounts

You can, but are not obliged, to fill out a form to start a customer account to save a list of the designs you bought. Unfortunately, you are not able to save your PayPal information as PayPal requires that you Pay through a PayPal account and does not allow saving check-in information on another website.


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Search button, sign-in and cart

To search for specific designs, click on the magnifying glass next to the logo in the header.

Next to the search button is the sign-in. Click on that to sign up for a customer account if you want to keep a record of the designs you already bought. (Only designs you bought after sign-in will show)

The cart is on the right side of the sign-in and the number in the circle indicates the number of designs in the cart. Click on it to see the designs you have added. If you want to remove a design, you can do so by clicking on the X in front of the design name.

Quilt Gallery

When I am not designing longarm quilting designs I also like to design quilts. Fortunately, my daughter, Daniela Stout, owns a quilt shop and she designs and publishes quilt patterns. As a result quite a number of my designs end up in quilt shops allover the USA and other countries. I don’t even have to write the instructions. Daniela takes care of that, plus the publishing and marketing. In case you are curious, I have added a quilt gallery to my site so you can take a peek, if you want to. Only some of my quilts are shown, but I will be adding more as soon as I have a bit more time. I don’t sell these patterns, but they are available at, Daniela’s business.

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