Welcome to my site.

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My name is Georgette. As you can tell from my white hair in the photo, I am no longer a spring chicken. Just don't call me an old hen. I am young at heart and full of energy and a bit of a workaholic.  In case you are wondering, here is a bit of my history. I was born in the Netherlands, but left years ago and after a year in Paris, 3 years in London, and a few months in Germany, I lived for years in the Bahamas where I married an Italian fellow and had two children, Daniela and Paolo (also known as Paul). From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to the U.S. and we ended up in Las Vegas. (A legitimate move by the way as we had green cards). I eventually became a U.S. citizen. I have now been widowed for longer than I was married. When Daniela moved to San Diego and ventured into happy matrimony she begged me to come live closer. My son had also moved out of state so there was no reason to stay in Las Vegas. I packed up and did just that and settled a few miles away from her house.

My life changed once again when Daniela opened Cozy Quilt Shop. I had been sewing and crafting my whole life and it was not long before I was making quilt samples and helping out in the shop.  When you make quilts, they have to be quilted and I did not have the patience to practice free motion. So I bought one of the earliest computerized quilting systems. A real antique compared to what is now on the market, but it got me started and I was soon quilting for other people. It was not long before I was creating my own designs and selling them. I had found my real passion. I soon stopped quilting for other people and concentrated on the designing part. It also meant that I needed a website. Fortunately, I had acquired good computer skills over the years to keep up in the workforce. By the time I needed a website, it just meant learning a new program, although not without lots of trials and errors and occasional advice from my son-in-law, a top-notch computer programmer. Thank you, Rick! 

That is how it all started 15 years ago and I am still at it, the sole owner, designer, developer, and jack of all trades at Quilters Niche.