Cart and search buttons


The number in the circle on the cart shows the number of orders placed. When you click on the cart you’ll see the details. Check to make sure everything is correct. Duplicate or wrong orders cannot be refunded as we are dealing with digital items that cannot be returned. Just clicking on the cart will show you the orders you placed and allow you to make changes. Click on the x before an item to remove it from you cart.

You also have another chance to sign up for a customer account in case you have not yet done so.


The search icon will allow you to search the whole site for the term you enter. If, for example, you enter the word Ocean and you get no results, search for Sea, etc.

Customer account (Picture of a head).

Click this one to start a customer account or do so during your check out process.

All three are normally located at the top of the page, but may appear in different locations when you browse on a cell phone.