Quilt Gallery

I love designing quilts. Here are some I designed over the last 14 years or so with the help of my daughter, Daniela of Cozy Quilt Designs. We have some sort of an arrangement. I keep feeding her designs and she keeps filing them away in her “bag of tricks” until she judges the time is right to use them. That could be right away, but sometimes years later when the right occasion or fabric calls for a specific design. I have the easy part in this arrangement. I just design while Daniela writes the instructions, arranges the pattern testing, takes care of the printing, marketing, sales, and distribution. Who do you think has the better deal? Yeah, you’re right. That’s me!

Patterns are available for purchase at Cozyquilt.com.

All these patterns are made with 2 1/2” strips and the patterns include multiple sizes.

Stay tuned - there is more to come.