Your privacy is important.

To run a business website and to fulfill orders it is necessary to collect certain personal information from customers, such as name, address, email address, phone number, debit and credit card information, etc. This information is only used to fulfill orders placed by a customer and as such may be shared with outside parties for the sole purpose of completing the order.

NOTE: Quilters Niche never sees the full debit or credit card numbers as they are only passed onto the company that processes the payment, such as Visa and Mastercard companies, PayPal, or bank.

We collect email addresses to compile a list of customers’ names and their order history which is used to send occasional messages or newsletters and may pass this information to the email marketing service handling our newsletters. We jealously guard our customer lists and never sell them to other companies. We also require that all outside businesses that assist us have strict privacy and security rules.


Quilters Niche is a secure website protected with an SSL certificate as indicated by the lock in front of the web address and the address starting with https://


Cookies are small bits of data that are placed inside your browser. They track various activities and retain certain information, such as login information, passwords, sites you visited, etc. With cookies allowed you will experience a smoother browsing experience. You can disable them in your browser, but if you do, browsing may become difficult and placing an order may become impossible depending on the features you actually ban.